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Delivering a digital solution

Chipotle contacted us in October 2017 to develop a technical and content strategy to deliver a Digital Menu solution across their UK and European sites. From the start, it was clear that the business was focused on the swift delivery of the project, whilst ensuring the highest quality of deployment was maintained. Chipotle offers a ‘build your own’ meal that is appealing and simple for their loyal customers, but for newcomers can take a little more time to fully understand.

At Chipotle we offer a fully customisable menu of gourmet salads, bowls, burritos and tacos. As such the process of ordering can be intimidating for a first time customer.

James, Chipotle

Engaging with customers

Chipotle wanted to further develop the customer interaction their engaging staff have, and to help them focus on continuing to provide the very highest levels of service, especially during busier service times. Using digital technology for menus and other customer information helps remove daily tasks, and improves communication and compliance across the store network.

we recognised an opportunity to improve the customer journey via Digital Menu Screens. Adding an interactive step by step process alongside appetite appeal photography has allowed our operators to focus on what matters most – serving our guests.

James, Chipotle

Connecting with ninja

By using our signage.ninja software platform, the Chipotle team are now able to use their digital menus to promote the food customers want to eat, and help drive tactical campaigns across the store network. Delivering real value to customers queuing, based on real-time stock levels and promotions helps decision making, and keeps the queue flowing smoothly.  

The Beaver team immediately understood the needs of our business and were quick to offer solutions of how we could improve. Their clear communication and impressive work ethic are clear indicators that they are genuinely invested in chipotle’s success. It’s been a pleasure to tap into their wealth of experience and I look forward to what the future holds.

James, Chipotle