Beaver Industry


As part of London Digital Signage Week 2018, Google and Beaver Group are once again delivering a free-to-attend masterclass session – This time at Google’s brand new Kings Cross, London Headquarters! The event will take place on the 30th April at 14:00.

Digital Retail solutions offer a tantalising opportunity to streamline systems, engage with customers and increase profitability, however the complexity of an implementation means that many businesses are deploying only partial solutions, which are not always fully achieving their potential.

This session, designed by Google, Beaver Group and NEC, featuring a real end-user case study from the European team at Chipotle will help you become a bone-fide digital expert! You’ll gain insights into the secrets of how to plan, deploy and maintain state-of-the-art digital retail solutions, including intelligent technologies to help dynamically promote to customers with relevant offers in real-time, and to engage with your workforce in ways which fully utilise their key skills in customer enagagement.

Visit to register and view session details.