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Our recent installation at Showcase Reading has concluded! With the grand opening in recent memory, we are proud to unveil a host of digital boards sure to provide customers with the sleekest, brightest illumination possible – a true rival for the Hollywood lights.

Upon entering the cinema, our new box office screens will give cinemagoers direct and concise information about all showings of the day. Trailers pop with pizazz from our giant video wall, a key and defining feature of the lobby space. Our spillway screens are equally dazzling, combining wayfinder information with an ability to play the latest trailers and advertisements.

At the concessions stand our menu boards are a main attraction, displaying dynamic video and animated content to highlight the latest promotional deals, ushering clients towards great savings and tasty snacks. Our concealed audio speakers further enhance the experience – emitting a playlist of ambient sound that flows around the stand and the queuing customers. The production value is highly cinematic!

Our bar screens act in a similar manner, being a focal feature displaying bombastic and relevant content. A cinema can never have enough digital magic; Beaver Group are working with Showcase to further that aesthetic, projecting media to all corners of the cinema.

Showcase Cinemas
Showcase Cinemas
Showcase Cinemas